Upgrading the Learning path from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Dynamics CRM 2011?

Here is the way I followed to upgrade CRM 2011 on my own.

  1. Check the blog of Jukka Niiranen, he has listed the good features of the Dynamics CRM 2011 in two part series.(  in depth)
    1. Part1
    2. Part2
    3. Register for a free trail of  CRM Online
    4. If you  want you can verymuch build your own Virtual PC and start working on it., here is the procedure to do build the Virtual PC for Dynamics CRM 2011(http://blogs.msdn.com/b/girishr/archive/2011/01/26/building-a-crm-2011-virtual-machine-video-walkthrough.aspx)
    5. Checkout the Developer training kit (a wonderful resource  for developers )
    6. Practice the Hands on Labs


There you go .. happy learning Dynamics CRM 2011.

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