CRM 2011: Web Resources

What are  Web Resources?

Web Resources are the Virtual files stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Database, and also they can be accessible using a unique URL address

Why do we use Web Resources?

Web Resources are used to extend the CRM web application which can be in the form of html, Jscript, Silverlight applications

Where can we use Web resources?

Web Resources can be used in

  1. Form Customization
  2. Sitemap
  3. Application Ribbons

What are the major Limitations for Web Resources?

  1. No Support for .ASPX pages
  2. Web Resources are Limited to Static Files or files processed by browser only.
  3. Maximum Size of the web resource is determined by Organization.MaxUploadFileSize property

Web Resource Types?


File extensions


Web Page (HTML)

.htm, .html


Style Sheet (CSS)



Script (JScript)



Data (XML)



Image (PNG)



Image (JPG)



Image (GIF)



Silverlight (XAP)



StyleSheet (XSL)

.xsl, .xslt


Image (ICO)




How to refer web Resources?

  1. use $webresource directive (in Sitemap or Ribbon)
  2. outside an entity form or chart you must create an HTML Web resource to be the host page for the Silverlight Web resource. Then use the $webresource: directive to open the HTML Web resource
  3. Use Relative URL where the $Webresource directive is not supported.

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