CRM 2011 Web Resource Part 2: How to use “ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”

When you work with HTML web resources, There might be situations where you need data about the CRM.

“ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”  gives  the  Context information out side of the CRM FORM.

when we do reference to the above file, what comes next is How to refer the above file., it takes some time to figure out.,

Way1: <script src="ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx"></script>  << refer like this when you use a web resource with out having folder conventions>>

Way2: <script src="../ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx"></script>   << refer like this when you use web resource with a folder like structure

For example:Web resource name  is referred as “test_/new_HTMLResource.htm”>>

Way 3: <script src="../../ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx"></script>   << refer like this if the web resource looks like this “ test_/testing1/new_HTMLResource.htm”

I hope this would help and save lot of time of yours when you start working with Web resources


7 Responses to CRM 2011 Web Resource Part 2: How to use “ClientGlobalContext.js.aspx”

  1. S.B.Raju says:


    I am looking this code for a long time. you helped a lot . thank you.

    keep rocking

  2. Nishant Rana says:

    This was very helpful Thanks

  3. ferolen says:

    Any ide how to get client context in home grid page (i.e. list of order page, not form or custom html web resource) ?

    Any idea to include ClientGlobalContent.js.aspx into the home grid page?

  4. Karan says:

    Hi all

    I am not able to get it right yet..

    This is the url of my html web resource. please help me, how i should refer clientglobalcontext.js.aspx in html page.. Please help

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