Siva Polisetty has more than 13 yrs of   work experience in IT industry workining with Microsoft related technologies and sepcific to MS CRM/ Micrrosoft Dynamic CRM about 5 yrs. currently working in  an MNC implementing high end  soultions for the Fortune 500 clients.

Currently living in Melbourne(Australia)


9 Responses to About

  1. anwar says:

    hi bro ,

    This is good blog ,i visited this blog today ,in this blog there is lot of knowledge on Dynamic crm…and i need to ask lot of questions belonging to this …

    so can i ask u bro ?

  2. Kiru says:

    Good Blog Siva

  3. Nitin Dhawan says:

    I am very impressed with you blog.

    Lot of informative articles you have published.

    Good going.

    Nitin Dhawan

  4. Srihari says:

    Hi Siva,

    Just saw your blog. This is Srihari. Hope you remember me. Keep in touch

  5. Angus says:


    I am trying ( unsuccessfully) to get the ribbon to disable a button based on some field values on the campaign response form. It doesn’t error, but doesn’t seem to access the js. Can you help in any way? Thanks,


  6. Sunil Thomas says:

    Hi Siva

    Good blog..


  7. shweta says:

    nice articles on Ribbon Xml… looking forward for such more posts !!! Thanks Siva…. Please add more info in your “About” section..

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